Linfox offers our customers a POS service including storage, order picking, inventory management, distribution, nationwide delivery, KPI reporting and supply chain optimisation.

To support this service, Linfox employs a Tier 1 warehouse management system linked to an easy to navigate on-line interface. The interface contains a full catalogue of customers POS merchandise including thumbnail images of each item.

The Linfox POS solution is composed of a number of major functional areas. Some customers require all of these components, whilst others require a tailored solution. The major functional areas are:

    Order Management

  • Order execution and confirmation
  • Inventory availability checking
  • Web based order placement


  • Full inventory management
  • Management of stock for distribution
  • Visibility of stock position


  • Visibility
  • Analysis of distribution channel
  • Nationwide delivery options

For more information about Point of Sale services contact the Business Development Manager by email at contact or phone on +64 9 255 0009